A secure way to manage
revenue sharing.

RQ supports percentage or flat-fee-based revenue sharing, joint ventures, and facilitates payments between relationships.

Fixed-fee, percentage,
or quid pro quo

When you add your relationships with other firms in RQ, you can define whether you receive a commission in exchange for introductions.

Whether that's in the form of fixed fees per introduction, based on client value, or in a joint venture structure.

Example Commercial Agreement
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Track referral revenue

RQ enables you to efficiently track and manage the monetisation of professional connections, as well as powering the reconciliation of payments for referrals.

Introduce with confidence.

Often, introductions to other trusted professionals are in the best interest of your clients. With RQ, you can manage and expand a trusted network of professionals, do due diligence on partners, and monitor them continually.

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Manage a better professional network

RQ equips teams to manage, find, and assess the best professional firms to work with. Build a robust and trusted network across multiple professions.

RQ Compass Charts

Build a better professional network

RQ empowers teams by giving them the tools to efficiently and securely collect insights from clients, uncover and identify needs, and take action.

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Monitor firms you work with

RQ aggregates data from key sources, ensuring you have the tools to monitor and conduct due diligence on the firms you work with.

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Partner with the best

RQ Certification is awarded after a rigorous due diligence process that provides an objective means of comparing prospective partners.

Build deeper relationships