Our collaboration with ICAEW

Johnny Ridd
October 8, 2023
Johnny Ridd

I’m delighted to be able to share the news of our collaboration agreement with the ICAEW, which you can read about in detail here.

Under the agreement, ICAEW will take RQ to its 12,000 member firms and provide ongoing regulatory guidance and input as we continue the development of RQ over the coming months and years.

Why it matters for Accountants

The ultimate goal is to help Accountancy firms build the practice of tomorrow by transforming professional collaboration to unlock commercial opportunities, benefiting their clients with vital introductions to great professionals.

Professional referrals are a rich source of potential clients for all professional services firms. Collaboration between the professions is a win-win-win, resulting in: better client outcomes and stronger, faster growing businesses.

Using RQ, Accountants can also strengthen their relationships with their clients out with referrals, by learning more about their wider needs and goals, and bridging the gap between their business and personal finances.

Read more about RQ's Compass

We’re thrilled to collaborate with ICAEW and believe our platform provides a unique opportunity for professionals to collaborate and share knowledge. 

Not only does RQ enable firms to work more seamlessly with other professionals, but it also puts them at the centre of a professional network that will help drive more client value and better commercial returns.

Why it matters for other professions

Referrals from accountancy firms are an essential source of new clients for many IFAs, mortgage brokers and other professionals, but remain largely 'untapped'.

RQ removes the barriers that hamper referral activity and collaboration, including accountants lacking the data on their clients' personal circumstances, uncertainty around their compliance and regulatory obligations and uncertainty around how to integrate into their wider offering.

Watch a quick 4 minute demo of RQ here, or book a call with our team to learn more

Johnny Ridd
CEO and Founder of RQ.

Johnny is the CEO and Founder of RQ. He previously worked in high-growth startups and as a Management Consultant before launching RQ in 2021.