10x better referral management

RQ's makes referrals more productive, more compliant, and more efficient.

How it works

Historically most referrals have been made in an offline, or ad-hoc, informal, insecure, and oftentimes non-compliant way. RQ changes all of that, making referrals proactive, transparent, efficient, secure, and fully-compliant by default.

The process for making a referral through RQ is simple and intuitively designed by industry professionals, ensuring it provides all the benefits mentioned, whilst not adding to your workload. Teams can also use RQ to cross-sell, refer internally, or pass clients to others inside their network.

Vitally, the most important thing is that your clients get a better experience, and get access to the professionals, services, and advice they require. Simply select the relationship you want to refer to, document consent, add in the clients details, and send the referral.

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Compliant design

RQ is designed in-line with ICAEW, SRA, and other guidelines on professional referrals. Using RQ to make referrals ensures all referral activity is compliant by default.

Data and insights

RQ provides data on your firm's professional relationships and referral activity, giving you the insights to improve your professional connections strategy and invest in your best relationships.

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Generate more referrals

Compass is RQ's client diagnostic tool. Learn about your clients' individual needs and goals, supercharge and streamline referrals, and improve efficiency while generating more.

Upload historical referrals

Upload previous introductions you’ve made or received and instantly get all of your referral activity in one place. Request updates from partners, and unlock vital MI for your firm.

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