Get closer to your clients with Compass

RQ’s Compass empowers professional services firms to learn more about their clients, uncover ways to become better advisers, deepen the relationship, and increase retention.


Professionals who understand their clients' personal circumstances and objectives can better anticipate needs, offer more comprehensive advice, and deliver more value for clients. Simple.

Most firms, however, struggle to talk to clients about their broader needs - either because they lack the relationship, they find the conversation awkward, they don’t have a robust process to gather insights on clients, the time isn’t right, or they believe it’s non-core to their work.

Firms that do understand their clients wider needs and have a process and the tools to bridge the gap, between their business and personal circumstances, have better relationships, and higher levels of client retention.

RQ’s diagnostic tool, Compass, is designed to give you the tools and processes to do just that.

Designed by data scientists and Chartered and Certified financial planning firms, Compass is an outcome orientated fact find, enabling you to gather insights on your business clients as individuals, their circumstances, goals, and wider needs.

By understanding the person behind the Ltd, you’ll uncover insights that equip your team to be better advisers and make data-driven and impactful introductions to other professionals when your client needs them.

Understand your clients' better

Compass equips your team with the tools to systematically collect insights on your client base. Distribute Compass, uncover insights, take action.

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Generate insights, take action

Generate actionable insights to help your team improve your services, inform your advisory offering, or to generate referrals to other advisers.

Embed as part of your service

Use Compass during your client onboarding, end-of-year tax planning, and annual service review. With your white labelled portal, you can request clients update information at any time.

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Product Image - Regulators

Enable “self-referrals”

When you’ve uncovered an opportunity to refer, you can easily refer a client with their Compass data attached. We’ve also created the ability for individuals to “self-refer” to your panel, ensuring your clients get access to your relationships.